The Mocap Vaults


The world’s premier performance capture school for acting, directing and motion capture production. With headquarters in London and Los Angeles, our staff are all veterans of the industry that bring their extensive insight and experience to every class.



The foundations of the craft lie in creating characters and environments from our imagination. Only when these skills are developed can we start to reach higher to create full dramatic scenes.

This class will be a full day at Centroid studios, in suits, working with a monologue, an improvised scene around a character and setting, a scene to pre-recorded audio (industry standard stuff), and two performance capture style scenes with your own voice, all recorded in high quality. The video serves both as a way for you to critically analyse your work, and as additional material for your mocap reel. We'll be working you hard to get the best possible performance under realistic mocap conditions. The feedback and direction you receive will help shape your understanding of what the industry expects and help guide you towards it. 

The aim of the day is to get you so familiar and relaxed with performance capture that you will breeze through any job. You'll know exactly where you're at when you step into the volume. The day will move quickly, just like on a mocap set. This pace will teach you to give your best right off the bat. I can't tell you how much my process has been condensed through years of working like this. My mind knows to go right for the good stuff and make the most of whatever time I have left.

The cost for the class is £230, which includes the video footage. We are limiting this class to twelve students. We expect places to go quickly so it's advisable to book early if you wish to join us. To book your place you can apply using the below form

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