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In-Game Refresher Class - LA - Mar 16th


In-Game Refresher Class - LA - Mar 16th


A three hour refresher bootcamp with mocap master Richard Dorton, working on move sets and techniques for in-game locomotion video game shoots.

Only eligible to students that have completed the Intro class

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You must have completed the Intro Class to take this class

This is a 3 hour refresher workshop bootcamp class with Richard Dorton to catch you up on and practice movements for in-game locomotion performances and to workout idles, punches, kicks, walks, runs, crouches and more. This is a group workout to get you mobile and to focus on general character movement while refreshing your memory for things that show up both in auditions and in the volume.

10am to 1pm on Saturday March 16th 2019

(PAC) The Performing Arts Center
7735 Sepulveda Blvd. Van Nuys, Ca 91405

This class does not take place in a mocap studio as it would only serve as a distraction and additional cost at this stage.

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