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CQB Rifle with Marc Morrisseau - LA - Mar 2nd

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CQB Rifle with Marc Morrisseau - LA - Mar 2nd


A three hour masterclass with firearms and military movement specialist and former mocap supervisor from the Call of Duty franchise, Marc Morrisseau

Exclusively available to existing Mocap Vaults students - You MUST have completed the Intro to be eligible for this class

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A three hour CQB Rifle masterclass learning the techniques and skills used by real Tier-1 military units to help take your military acting skills to the next level.

What You'll Learn

  • Movement characteristics are present in experienced operators vs. fresh recruits

  • Small team dynamics and body language

  • Understanding the weapon as an extension of the body in combat application.

  • The differences between specific rifle grips and shooting platforms.

  • We'll even learn some firearm language and more!

The most important factor is to give you personal experience and quality skills upon which you can build accurate military characters and movements.

Date: Saturday 2nd March - 10am to 1pm

Location: Los Angeles, TBC

Tutor: Marc Morisseau has been training with modern firearms since 2007. Starting with Ex-Army Special Forces (LRRPs) and subsequently Police (SWAT), Active Military and AirForce personnel, he has had a range of training across many weapons and scenarios, but none more than CQB Rifle. A career in large franchise shooter games (TitanFall, COD, Battlefield) has exposed him to Tier One (CAG/DEVGRU) concepts and training. Marc has brought his experiences working with these skills as well as performing them into a workshop designed to help performers build skills to take their military action performance to the next level.

IMPORTANT: Everyone will be responsible for providing their OWN airsoft/mock assault rifle - The more accurate a replica, the better, but even a simple airsoft or rubber rifle will work as long as the proportions are close enough to be comfortable for you to use. Either borrow from a friend or purchase your own

This class does not take place in a mocap studio as it would only serve as a distraction and additional cost at this stage.

NOTE: By purchasing this class you agree to our cancellation policy which states that we require a minimum of seven days notice in order to qualify for a full refund.