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Heroes & Monsters 1 - LA - Feb 23rd


Heroes & Monsters 1 - LA - Feb 23rd


A one day masterclass with Richard Dorton and Michelle Lee working with character creation for motion capture.

*You MUST have completed the Intro class first

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Building on the skills you learned in the Intro class, this takes things to the next level, giving you advanced, practical skills that are essential for creating and playing characters in the performance capture industry.

Every movement is an expression of character and as such they should all be filled with life. How a character walks, runs, turns and interacts with their world says so much about who they are. How do we adjust what we're saying with our bodies in a subtle way to meet the demands of the director? How do we do the same thing for three other characters on the same day, making them all unique without being over the top? How do we create a living, breathing, truthful character in this piece by piece way? This class focuses on developing techniques while also familiarising you with the type of material you will be working with as a professional performance capture actor.

Richard Dorton and Michelle Lee have earned their stripes from doing these kinds of shoots for decades. They have developed iron clad techniques that are fast, effective and catch the eye of every director and game developer. They have created hundreds of iconic characters in many, many games and movies. In this masterclass they will share those trade secrets and techniques with you.

The masterclass will not make use of motion capture technology as it only serves as an obstacle and distraction in a class like this.

NOTE: You MUST have completed our Intro to Mocap Acting to take this class.

By purchasing a place at this class you are agreeing to our cancellation terms that state that refunds will only be offered for cancellations made no later that seven days before the class date.