The Mocap Vaults


The world’s premier performance capture school for acting, directing and motion capture production. With headquarters in London and Los Angeles, our staff are all veterans of the industry that bring their extensive insight and experience to every class.



The absolute essential introduction to the world of performance capture. A solid foundation that lays the groundwork for future development.

Discover the basic principles, concepts, terminology and performance styles required, as well as a comprehensive look at mocap from a business perspective. Lots of practical work to get you on your feet and in the zone.



Two class program

The Heroes & Monsters classes teach you the essential skills for working on any performance capture shoot.

Moving on to a more in depth look at character and environment creation. Build up your toolkit of imagination and observation, creating people, creatures and environments, as well as developing body awareness and specific physical performance skills. Discover how to construct a character move by move for working with video games.



Two class program

The Advanced classes are where we begin to teach the techniques used by long time professionals to handle any situation in the studio.

Advanced character development based on animal studies and physical investigation, coupled with the importance of hyper-awareness on set for fluid scenes with multiple performers in imaginary environments. We study how to handle more complex set ups and how to nail a performance no matter how little you are given to work with. The cream of over fifteen years of prolific activity in the industry.


Andy Serkis refers to performance capture as 'pure acting', and we wholeheartedly agree. However, acting for motion capture and, in particular, for video games is very different from working in theatre or movies and can be much more demanding. With no set, props, camera or, very often, even a director, it takes a special approach to get the best from the medium.

With many clients handing scripts to actors on the day of the shoot, this workshop teaches you the skills to grab a script and turn it into something magnetic in rapid time. You will learn to make use of the airy space of the mocap volume, orienting yourself and your performance for maximum impact.


The Action and Combat Essentials program is an optional course that teaches possibly the most important discipline for performance capture outside of acting.

Work with professional firearms teachers to develop the look and movement of a real soldier.

The two day course culminates with a day in the studio, suited up, performing dramatic action sequences to be filmed in HD for your reel.


The Swords, Magic and Mayhem program is an optional course that teaches you some of the most important skills for working on a large share of the productions happening in mocap today. Whether it be Warcraft, Star Wars or the Witcher, being able to swing a sword and deal out fireballs convincingly is very desireable.

The three day course culminates with a day in the studio, suited up, performing dramatic action sequences to be filmed in HD for your reel.



The ultimate experience for anyone serious about a career in performance capture.

Two full days in a professional motion capture stage. Suited, markered, live and ready for action, this program brings you in front of some of the biggest movers in the industry. Work with the best minds to develop and polish your craft in a professional setting and round it all off by shooting a dramatic scene on the stage to get the full experience of what it's like to be a pro. Your scene is shot on multi-cameras in HD for your reel.