The Mocap Vaults


The world’s premier performance capture school for acting, directing and motion capture production. With headquarters in London and Los Angeles, our staff are all veterans of the industry that bring their extensive insight and experience to every class.


Our Team


John Dower

John Dower is a Director with over 25 years experience in Film, Television and Video Games. He started out as an actor himself, and studied at Goldsmith's College, The Northern Film School in Leeds and the Polish National Film School in Lodz.

Since graduating, John has directed a number of award-winning short films and Television Drama episodes including "Wolfblood", "Eastenders" and "Casualty" for the BBC. Bringing a film maker's sensibility into video games, John has directed in Motion Capture studios in the UK and USA, working in Animation and Voice on several video games titles including the Microsoft/Lionhead "Milo & Kate" project, the James Bond video game, "007 legends" with Activision/Eurocom & "Risen 3" for Piranha Bytes.

John teaches on the Digital Animation course at Filmakademie Ludwigsburg, the Games Design and Development course at the National Film School (NFTS), Acting for the screen at East 15 Acting School, Drama Studio London & ALRA and Film Making at MET Film School. His classes and workshops for The Mocap vaults have taken him to Canada, Mexico, Sweden & USA.


Oliver Hollis-Leick

Oliver is a long standing veteran in the performance capture world with eighteen years experience on over one hundred video game and movie titles.

After five years in the mocap industry, Oliver decided to study acting at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School from 2006-09. After graduating, he continued his work in the ever expanding world of performance capture.

His roles include Iron Man, Ant Man, Agent 47, The Hulk, Master Chief, Spiderman, James Bond and many more. He has worked at studios in the UK, USA, Finland, Sweden, Germany, and Russia for clients that include Microsoft, Sony, Activision, Avalanche, Supermassive Games, Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, Guerilla, and numerous other esteemed publishers and developers.

Oliver is now the Creative Director at Saber Interactive Studios and co-wrote the recent smash hit World War Z the Video Game, along with Craig Sherman.


Richard Dorton
*Head of US Operations

Richard Dorton aka Mocapman, is a veteran performance capture actor, director, stunt coordinator, producer, movement consultant and casting director with nearly 100 video game credits to his name.

With over 15 years of experience in motion & performance capture under his belt, Richard has been in the middle of the ever changing technology and processes used in todays world of motion capture.

Including a diverse set of skills in acting, movement, dance, stunts, weapons, Richard has brought to life iconic characters like Darth Vader, Master Chief, Conan, and creatures from games like Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, Silent Hill: Homecoming, Ghostbusters and many more.

Not only has he done cinematic performance captures for feature films like Jack the Giant Slayer & Spiderman and in games like Call of Duty 3 & 3, God of War 2 & 3 and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, but tons of in-game moves for characters in Resistance: Retribution, The Uncharted Series, Defiance, & Lost Planet 3 to name a few.

“If you’ve played a video game, you’ve probably killed me.” is his favorite quote when introduced as the Mocapman.


Gareth Taylor
*Head of Movement

Gareth Taylor is a professional freelance actor, movement director and teacher. Since graduating from Guildford School of Acting he has worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Red Shift, Chichester Festival Theatre, BAC and on various #1 and mid scale tours.

Gareth started out as a professional gymnast. It was this interest in human physiology that lead him to the prestigious physical theatre school Jacques Lecoq in Paris.

Gareth has worked with Punchdrunk, Slung Low, Dancing Brick, Tongue Tied and curious directive, of which he is a Creative Associate.

As a professional performance capture artist for film and video games, Gareth has become renowned for his ability to develop characters through movement. Recent movie work includes Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, John Carter of Mars and Total Recall. He has worked on over 30 games including the Harry Potter computer game series playing a whole host of favourites from Voldemort to Dobby. 

Gareth’s is now acting head of movement at ALRA Drama School in London, specialising in Animal Studies, Storytelling, Pure Movement and Neutral Mask.


Pascal Langdale
* Head of Canadian Operations

Pascal Langdale was originally a dancer (Royal Ballet School, Elmhurst Theatre School) and then trained at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London (RADA).  Combining his movement skills and specialty in Nonverbal Behavior into acting, Pascal has combined a career in Television, theatre and film,  with extensive work in Motion capture.

Since moving to Toronto in 2011, Pascal has been seen in productions including "Killjoys", "Suits", "Bitten", "Murdoch Mysteries" and "Nikita". His debut as lead character Ethan Mars in "Heavy Rain" for Quantic Dream/Sony was followed by credits in "Splinter Cell: Blacklist", "Assassin's Creed: Syndicate" and "The Division". Pascal continues to regularly work in a Mocap suit for Ubisoft Canada,  and has produced co-written and starred in 2 plays utilising Mocap - Live-animated interactive dramas "Faster Than Night" and "The Augmentalist".  He is currently consulting on Behavioral Library creation and application on two productions.


Marc Morisseau
*Firearms and CQB, USA

Marc has been training with modern firearms since 2007. Starting with Ex-Army Special Forces (LRRPs) and subsequently Police (SWAT), Active Military and AirForce personnel, he has had a range of training across many weapons and scenarios, but none more than CQB Rifle.

A career in large franchise shooter games (TitanFall, COD, Battlefield) has exposed him to Tier One (CAG/DEVGRU) concepts and training. Marc has brought his experiences working with these skills as well as performing them into a workshop designed to help performers build skills to take their military action performance to the next level.

Marc started his career in the entertainment industry in 2011 working as a Mocap artist on Resident Evil 6. His experience on-set facilitated moves to facial capture supervisor, stage manager and mocap supervisor across games like TitanFall, Wolfenstein, Battlefield 4, Shadow of Mordor, Until Dawn, Mad Max and Call of Duty titles. He later moved to films, specializing in Previz using mocap and game engines. He worked mocap previz and VFX on Thor 2, Star Trek Into Darkness, Deadpool, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Warcraft, Mazerunner, Ant-Man, X-Men:DOFP and Spiderman Homecoming to name a few. He returned to games and currently works in Los Angeles, developing on-set real-time tools, mocap pipelines and elevating technologies on motion capture stages.


Paul William Mawhinney
*Staff Tutor, UK

Paul-William Mawhinney was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia where he began his studies in the performing arts. In  2002 he completed his first BA, with a double major in Drama Theory and Cinema Studies from Flinders University. In 2005 he was accepted into the illustrious Australian National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney where he completed his Bachelor of Dramatic Arts in 2007.  

Paul-William has been working as a professional actor since 1999 and his career has included work in Theatre, Film, Television, Voice-overs and Performance Capture for AAA Video Game titles and Animation. His most recent Full Performance Capture role is in Codemasters "F1" franchise as Carl Miller the chief engineer.

Paul-William now teaches Performance Capture at some of the UK’s most prestigious and well established arts training institutions including; Drama Studio London, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and the Northern Stage.

Michelle Lee
* Staff Tutor, USA

Michelle Lee has appeared in many films and television series such as Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Marvel's Venom, Mortal Kombat Legacy and video games like Sony's Spiderman 4 and Capcom's Resident Evil 6, to name just a few.

Michelle's ability to show strength through both acting and physicality has been recognized with a SAG Nomination for Best Ensemble Cast and on the cover of Inside Kung Fu Magazine. Michelle has a black belt in Wushu and a BA in Economics specializing in Computer Programming from UCLA.

One of the most prolific performers in the Los Angeles mocap scene, Michelle has a broad understanding of the demands of performance capture and has worked in every field within the mocap industry, taking on roles in many iconic video game titles including the recent Uncharted: Lost Legacy, The Last of Us: Left Behind and Resident Evil 6.