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Military Mocap

 A new masterclass in partnership with Bare Arms

Date: September 14th 2019 - Venue: Centroid Motion Capture, UK - Cost: £265


Take a look at the chart topping shelves in any video game store and you will see that a large percentage of the games up there involve firearms. Whether it’s total military, action experiences like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Gears of War, or action packed adventures like Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us, World War Z and Just Cause, video games are abundant with firearms and military based characters.

I’ve been working in the business for eighteen years and in that time I have worked on dozens of shooters like Halo, Call of Duty, Quantum Break, Sniper Elite, Rage 2, World War Z, Hitman, Just Cause 4, Homefront: The Revolution and many, many others. What was it that allowed me to score these incredible roles? It was my knowledge of firearms and my ability to portray a wide range of military and militia characters.


I have been extremely lucky in my career in that I was often paired up with real life ex-soldiers from extraordinary units like Delta Forces, the Royal Marines and the US Marines. I would plough them for information, observing every detail of their movement and approach and soaking up whatever I could. There is, however, always more to learn. There is much more to playing a soldier than knowing how they hold a rifle.

In this new masterclass we are partnering with the one of the UK’s premier military advisers to film, television and motion capture, Bare Arms, a unique company formed by ex-soldiers with a passion for realistic and safe portrayals of service people. You can find out more about Bare Arms and the courses they offer on their website:

Students will be suited and markered up before embarking on a day of intense exercises focused on learning how to realistically embody the physicality, movement and signature characteristics of a range of soldier types. Students will also be filmed in HD to provide them with solid material for showreels.

Because this class builds on existing skills and lessons, all applicants must have first completed the following classes:

Bare Arms TFC-L1 Basic
Mocap Vaults Intro to Motion Capture
Mocap Vaults Heroes & Monsters 1

If you have already completed these classes and would like to attend the Military Mocap Masterclass, please use the form below to apply.

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