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Cinematics: Pure Acting

Andy Serkis refers to performance capture as 'pure acting', and we wholeheartedly agree. However, acting for motion capture and, in particular, for video games is very different from working in theatre or movies and can be much more demanding. With no set, props, camera or, very often, even a director, it takes a special approach to get the best from the medium.

With many clients handing scripts to actors on the day of the shoot, this workshop teaches you the skills to grab a script and turn it into something magnetic in rapid time. You will learn to make use of the airy space of the mocap volume, orienting yourself and your performance for maximum impact.

We will be working in mocap suits on a professional stage, moving at a fast pace through numerous scenes to give you the kind of experience that reflects real working conditions. We will be recording the entire day to give you high quality material that can be used to create a mocap reel.

The class is limited to twelve places so please book early if you would like to attend.

Next class date: Saturday yJune 1st 2019

Location: London, UK

Venue: Centroid Mocap Studios, Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath