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The world’s premier performance capture school for acting, directing and motion capture production. With headquarters in London and Los Angeles, our staff are all veterans of the industry that bring their extensive insight and experience to every class.


Below you will find a selection of articles, videos and links designed to help you learn more about the world of mocap.


Interview with Ralph Palmer

ex-Disney and Lionhead animator and lead character animator on the Harry Potter and Quantum Break video games. Ralph now lectures on animation at NHTV in the Netherlands.

Interview with Phil Stilgoe

Precious words of wisdom from the CEO of one of Centroid Motion Capture, one of the big UK capture spaces based at Pinewood Studios.

Interview with Jeannie Bolet

Actress Jeannie Bolet (Quantum Break) tells us what it's like to work in motion capture for blockbuster video games.

Interview with Anton Söderhäll

Goodbye Kansas Mocap Studio is based in Uppsala, Sweden, not far from Stockholm. They have worked on big games like the Battlefield franchise, Mad Max, Star Wars Battlefront, Alan Wake and Mass Effect, to name a few. They are one of the leading providers in Europe.

Interview with Simon Kay

I talk to Simon Kay, the Motion Capture Supervisor at Double Negative VFX to find out how they use motion capture to make Hollywood movies.

Interview with Faceware Tech Industries

We talked to Peter Busch and Christopher Jones of Faceware Technologies in Los Angeles, California about head mounted cameras and it's impact on the performer.

Action from a Player’s Perspective

Oliver Hollis-Leick and Gareth Taylor brave a war zone to demonstrate the principles of acting for a first person player camera.

Performance Size for Mocap

When working in motion capture it's important to understand how many of the nuances of your performance can get lost in the transfer to the digital realm. This video explores what you can do as an actor to compensate for this and still get the characters attitude across.

Video Game Deaths

How to die as a video game character in motion capture.


PC Gamer Talks Mocap with Mark Hamill

PC Gamer talks to Mark Hamill about his work on Star Citizen's 'Squadron 42' module, his career, fandom and more.

Behind the Scenes on Rise of the Planet of the Apes

An exclusive look at how WETA pulled off the special effects in the new motion picture "Rise of the Planet of the Apes"

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