The Mocap Vaults


The world’s premier performance capture school for acting, directing and motion capture production. With headquarters in London and Los Angeles, our staff are all veterans of the industry that bring their extensive insight and experience to every class.



Alan Maxson

Alan's first job set the bar pretty high. Alongside Richard Dorton and Jason Liles, Alan is one of the three heads of King Ghidorah in the new Godzilla movie! We're immensely proud of Alan, obviously!


Mark Ota

Mark has become the go to actor for a UK based studio making a new AAA video game. He's been working consistently for almost a year now.

"The classes have prepared me perfectly. I knew exactly what to do!"


Hunter Smith

In Summer 2017 Hunter hit the mocap stage with  Guru and mocap legend, Richard Dorton! They busted their butts performing for a new game title. He now proudly wears the Mocap Vaults seal on his suit. Excellent work, Hunter!


Meghan Whitfield

Shortly after training with us, Megan bagged a role in a AAA video game title where she was performing in cinematics playing multiple roles! Great work Meghan! We can't wait to reveal the name of the game when it's public!


Toy Lei

Toy scored herself a role in a six minute VR film from Academy Award winners Alejandro González Iñárritu and Emmanuel Lubezki that was chosen for the Official Selection of the Cannes Film Festival!

Toy said "Thanks to the Vaults I felt really confident when I arrived. I rolled onto this set without thought and just did the do!" We're very proud of her. Amazing work, Toy!


Matthew Robinson

Since training with us, Matthew has worked on two big video game titles! The details are yet to be made public but he's very excited. We will update the page when we hear more.


Daniel Relf

We were very pleased to hear that Daniel found paid work on a video game trailer shortly after training with us. We hope to be able to reveal the project soon.


Torrey Lawrence

Torrey has become a regular performer for one of the big video game houses in Los Angeles. He's also worked at some of the other studios and is showing all the signs of a great start to a mocap career. Nice work Torrey!


Luisa Guerreiro

Luisa has had lots of work in two of the major studios in the UK, working on some big titles including the hugely popular Horizons: Zero Dawn, where she played the young Aloy. Luisa also worked on Destiny: Rise of Iron. Go Luisa!


Amelia Tyler

Amelia has really put the hours in with the training and it's paid off. She recently booked her first professional performance capture shoot for big movie!


Helen Jenkinson

Helen performed the motion capture for a short Animation by two final year Animators at Bournemouth University, which is awesome!


James Taylor

With a consistent work flow for almost two years, James has now worked on several high profile projects including Destiny: Rise of Iron, and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, where he  joined by Kit Harrington and Guy Ritchie!


Ari Loeb

Ari attended the first Intro Masterclass in Los Angeles in 2015, taught by Oliver Hollis-Leick. He has since been employed professionally and worked at Rouge Mocap Stage, Digital Domain and Sony!

Paul William Mawhinney

Paul is becoming a seasoned professional. He worked for Codemasters on the Formula 1 franchise, and Supermassive Games on their recent titles. A regular in the studio, he's a fine actor with a bright future in the field.


Sally Reichardt

She has worked on two AAA title at Centroid Motion Capture Studios in the London, including the most recent Formula 1 video game! We're very proud of her.

Eliah Mountjoy

The details are top secret but Eliah has now done mocap for a game at Rouge Mocap Stage in Marina Del Rey! Can't wait to hear what it was for.

Jessica Troiani

In 2017 Jessica completed her first major mocap role for an award winning VR mini series called Dispatch, created by prolific company, Here Be Dragons. What a start! Can't wait to see what she does next.

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