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The motion capture
summit 2019


October 19th & 20th - Centroid Mocap Stage, London

The Mocap Vaults is back with Faceware Technology Inc. and Centroid to bring you the most exciting event in motion capture this year.

On October 19th & 20th the Motion Capture Summit UK returns for a fifth year. This is an event that unites technology and drama for a two day intensive learning experience for actors, directors, animators and technicians, bringing all aspects of the process together for a collective sharing and developing of knowledge and skill.

Working in a professional motion capture stage, you'll be taught by a group of industry veterans with specialisation in all areas of mocap. Whether you want to work in front of the cameras or behind them, we're bringing together the greatest minds in the business for a momentus weekend of training and development. 


Centroid Mocap Studios has captured some of the most iconic performances in video games. At last year's Summit, our students put together all they had learned over the two days and shot six scenes under the expert guidance of industry pros.

The animation, directing, technical and acting students demonstrated their newfound skills beautifully. 

Kickstart your mocap career and get ahead of the crowd at this one of a kind event. See the roundup from a previous USA Summit in the video above.




Co-founder of The Mocap Vaults, John is a Director with over 25 years experience in Film, Television and Video Games. He studied at Goldsmith's College, The Northern Film School and the Polish National Film School in Lodz. His television credits include Wolfblood, Eastenders and Casualty for the BBC. Bringing a film maker's sensibility into video games, John has directed in Mocap studios in the UK and USA, for animation and voice titles that include Microsoft/Lionhead’s "Milo & Kate" project, 007 legends & Risen 3. John also teaches on the Digital Animation course at Filmakademie Ludwigsburg, the Games Design and Development course at the National Film School (NFTS), Acting for the screen at East 15 Acting School, Drama Studio London & ALRA and Film Making at MET Film School. His classes and workshops for The Mocap vaults have taken him to Canada, Mexico, Sweden & USA.



Co-founder of The Mocap Vaults and performance capture actor with 18 years in the business. Oliver was classically trained at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in the UK. His mocap career includes over 100 feature film, video game and television projects, playing characters that include Master Chief, Agent 47, James Bond, Iron Man, Spiderman, the Hulk and Ant Man. He has acted as mocap consultant for companies that include Remedy Games, Massive Entertainment and Axis Animation. Oliver is now the Creative Director at Saber Interactive Games and co-wrote the recent smash hit, World War Z the Video Game.



A certified industry veteran, Ralph is an ex Disney character animator. His credits include all time classics like Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan, Land Before time and many others. He then moved into the expanding frontier of character animation in video games, becoming Head of Aninmation on the Harry Potter franchise at EA. Since then, he has worked on some of the biggest titles in gaming, including Quantum Break at Remedy Studios. He now lectures at NHTV in the Netherlands.



Simon Kay has worked with Motion Capture in the video games and VFX industry for over 18 years. He’s currently the Motion Capture Supervisor with Oscar winning VFX company Double Negative, where his recent film credits include; Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant Man and Terminator Genisys. After studying 2D character animation, he began his career as a  3D character animator in video games before working at Centroid Motion Capture Studios. This has given him a unique insight into every aspect of motion capture, from both an artistic and technical perspective, as well as client and service provider.



Gareth Taylor is a professional freelance actor, movement director and teacher. Since graduating from Guildford School of Acting and the Jacques Lecoq school in Paris, he has worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Red Shift, Chichester Festival Theatre, BAC, Punchdrunk, Slung Low, Dancing Brick, Tongue Tied and Curious Directive, of which he is a Creative Associate. As a professional performance capture artist for film and video games, Gareth has become renowned for his ability to develop characters through movement. Movie work includes Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, John Carter of Mars and Total Recall. He has worked on over 30 games including the Harry Potter video game series playing a whole host of favourites from Voldemort to Dobby, as well as the smash hit, Until Dawn, for Sony and Supermassive Games.  Gareth is now acting head of movement at ALRA Drama School in London, specialising in Animal Studies, Storytelling, Pure Movement and Neutral Mask.



Join us at the Summit as an animator, director or technician and study with some of the industry's finest as you discover motion capture from the production side.

  • Learn how to set up and run a mocap shoot.

  • Explore how performance capture data translates to digital characters.

  • Experiment with the virtual camera, a real-time window in the animated world.

  • Masterclasses on head mounted cameras and face capture pipelines.

  • Masterclasses from Simon Kay, discovering the tricks and techniques of the pros.

  • Animators & directors will work with and direct actors to create living characters and scenes.

  • Network with some of the greatest movers and shakers in the business.

Much more!

Price: £350


To apply for an Actor/Performer place at the Summit you must be an existing student of ours and have completed our Cinematics class. The Performer spot includes:

  • Two full days in the suit working with mocap tech on a professional stage.

  • Tuition from all the above tutors, all of whom are veterans of the industry and a number of whom regularly employ actors for their projects.

  • A dramatic scene shot in as close to professional conditions as possible, all of which is filmed on multiple cameras in HD. The footage will be provided to you for your mocap showreel.

  • Networking with some of the best minds in the business.

  • More fun than money can buy!

Price £650


Join us at the Summit as an observer and discover the inner working of a professional motion capture stage. Take part in our action packed shoot and get to grips with every aspect of the production.

  • A hands on experience working with the mocap team to create exciting scenes

  • Expert guidance on how to succeed in the business

  • Networking with some of the industry's finest

  • Ask questions and take notes, pictures and film as you soak up precious information from the pros

Price: £150

To apply for one of the above places at the Summit, please fill out the below form and we will respond to you once we have had a chance to assess all applications.

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If applying for an ACTOR place then you MUST have completed out Cinematics class to be eligible.
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